Liquid Biopsy

[PMID: 26450339] [Trends in Genetics]

Accessing Genetic Information with Liquid Biopsies

“Do the molecular profiles of ctDNA/CTC faithfully reflect real-time physiological status and disease stages in the human body? (i) How and where do the ctDNA/CTC come from? (ii) What are the process, distribution, and biological dynamics of ctDNA/CTC in circulation? (iii) What are the biological functions of ctDNA/CTC/Exosome?

Are the molecular signatures of ctDNA/CTC stable enough and can the dynamic range of these signatures be used reliably for disease detection and monitoring? (i) Can the sensitivity and specificity of liquid biopsy-based diagnosis be clinically validated in specific diseases? (ii) How do these non-invasive tests perform as compared to currently available tests and how can these approaches be integrated?”


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