Recurrent Fusion RNAs

[PMID:26837576] [Nucleic Acids Research]

Recurrent chimeric fusion RNAs in non-cancer tissues and cells

“300 RNA-Seq libraries covering 30 different non-neoplastic human tissues and cells as well as 15 mouse tissues.” “A few fusions that are widely expressed seem to serve basic cell maintenance roles. Most of the recurrent fusions use canonical splicing sites, are thus likely to be products of cis-splicing between neighboring genes or RNA trans-splicing. When focused on evolutionarily conserved recurrent fusions, we found only a small overlap between the fusion RNA profiles of human and mouse, suggesting that forming chimeric fusion RNAs may be a way to expand functional genome. We also found some overlaps between the normal fusion pool and documented fusions in cancer, raising questions about their cancer-specificity.”


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