[PMID:27974798] [Nature]

Mechanism of early dissemination and metastasis in Her2+ mammary cancer

[PMID:27974799] [Nature]

Early dissemination seeds metastasis in breast cancer

“progesterone-induced signalling triggers migration of cancer cells from early lesions shortly after HER2 activation, but promotes proliferation in advanced primary tumour cells. The switch from migration to proliferation was regulated by increased HER2 expression and tumour-cell density involving microRNA-mediated progesterone receptor downregulation, and was reversible. Cells from early, low-density lesions displayed more stemness features, migrated more and founded more metastases than cells from dense, advanced tumours.”

[PMID:27974802] [Nature]

Metastasis: Pathways of parallel progression

On the contrary, a recent paper supports the model of late dissemination of breast cancer cells to the bone marrow. Work from Kevin White and Peter Van Loo.

[PMID:27931250] [Genome Biology]

Tracing the origin of disseminated tumor cells in breast cancer using single-cell sequencing


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