Month: September 2017


[PMID: 28945707] [Nature Methods]

MECAT: fast mapping, error correction, and de novo assembly for single-molecule sequencing reads

“a tool that combines fast mapping, error correction, and de novo assemblyfor processing single-molecule sequencing reads”


De Novo Pathway-based Tumor Subtyping

[PMID: 28934488] [Nucleic Acids Research]

De novo pathway-based biomarker identification

“prediction models built upon single-gene (SG) features show poor stability and performance on independent datasets. Attempts to mitigate these drawbacks have led to the development of network-based approaches that integrate pathway information to produce meta-gene (MG) features. ” “a novel MG approach based on de novo pathways, which for the first time have been used as features in a multi-class setting to predict cancer subtypes”