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Integrative Omics

[PMID: 29479082] [Nature Reviews Genetics]

Integrative omics for health and disease

Review from Michael Snyder.


HRD Signatures

[PMID: 29262283] [New England Journal of Medicine]

Signatures of DNA-Repair Deficiencies in Breast Cancer

Mini review of HRDetect and Paz’s paper.


Field Cancerization

[PMID: 29217838] [Nature Reviews Cancer]

An evolutionary perspective on field cancerization

“Field cancerization, which is the replacement of the normal cell population by a cancer-primed cell population that may show no morphological change, is now recognized to underlie the development of many types of cancer, including the common carcinomas of the lung, colon, skin, prostate and bladder. Field cancerization is the consequence of the evolution of somatic cells in the body that results in cells that carry some but not all phenotypes required for malignancy.”


Review of Genetic Architecture

[PMID: 29225335] [Nature Reviews Genetics]

Genetic architecture: the shape of the genetic contribution to human traits and disease


Review of Sequencing

[PMID: 29019985] [Nature]

DNA sequencing at 40: past, present and future

“This review commemorates the 40th anniversary of DNA sequencing”



[PMID: 28974235] [Genome Biology]

Alignment-free sequence comparison: benefits, applications, and tools

A review of Alignment-free sequence analyses tools.